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New Construction Home Design

The key to a design that feels like home is cohesion. As a full-service firm, we address every stage of your new construction home design project from foundation to furnishings.

We are one of the few firms to offer a “wholistic” practice, specializing in both residential building design and interior design. We provide an unparalleled experience that begins with a sketch and results in a beautifully curated home that supports how you love to live. Even before you’ve purchased the lot, we guide you through every stage of the design, from schematic drawings to the final selection of your finishes. Because of this, your design vision remains a constant, guiding force throughout the process.

It all begins with a deep dive into how you love to live. Your family, your personal joys, your lifestyle…these define the connecting thread that brings all the elements together.

New Construction Home Design Process


Getting to Know You

Every project begins with a discovery session. We discuss what inspires you, determine your design preferences, and learn how you envision living in your new home. During these conversations, we discuss the project scope, fee schedule, and curate your design style profile.


Site evaluation

If you are seeking the perfect spot for your dream home, we will schedule a site visit. Together, we will walk the land, evaluating the size, landscape, and build potential. During the assessment, we will give you the confidence to move forward or the reasoning for moving on.


Construction Design

We begin with an extensive research phase to gain an understanding of your design needs and goals. We share inspiration images, our sketches, and written documents to refine the concept. From there, we continue to refine and edit, finally producing a set of construction documents to secure permits and pricing.


Finish Selections

We select the finishes for your new home, including fixtures, counter tops, mouldings, and more. Our interior design team works concurrently to develop the furnishings design at this stage as well.


Landscape Consultation

We believe that collaborating with the entire design team elicits the best results, so we offer our services as landscape and garden consultants in tandem with your landscape architect or garden designer.


Contractor Interviews

We collaborate with you as you select a builder, helping you in the interview process. Our years of industry experience allows us to sift through the details and industry-specific jargon. We will advise you on the best solutions for your project scope and budget, giving you confidence to select the best builder for your new home.


Construction Administration

In this phase, we conduct regular site visits and coordinate often with your builder to ensure cohesion, quality, and adherence to your design vision. We will keep you up-to-date on the progression of your project at every stage.


Furnishings Installation

Our firm specializes in full-service design, from foundation to furnishings. If your new home plans include interiors, our interior design team takes over at this stage. Once construction of the home has been completed, we install all furnishings, accessories, and decor. Depending on the size of your project, this could take 1-5 days.


And finally...Reveal!

This is the moment we live for. Our team will welcome you home with a bottle of bubbly and a few more design surprises. Your dream home is yours! And we are always just a phone call away to handle any last minute additions or a refresh down the road.

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